Thursday, April 30, 2009

the show is mostly hanging now and we have made a good start on the painting on the walls its looking hotttttt...
tomorrow we finish...
friday private view...

Monday, April 27, 2009

artade at here now gallery 1st may

this weekend is the here and now exhibition one not to be missed starts at 5 then the party goes on at q bar with some awesome tunes...come and buy some affordable works of art
c u all there
one love louis


Artade was founded a few years ago basing its creative output in Cornwall. In the past the collective has transformed bars and public spaces to show work, as well as gallery shows which have included Demelza’s Gallery, The Soup Gallery and the Artade Inkjam 2009 competition held at Babahogs gallery. Now with what is to be the third gallery show, the here and now gallery support Artades to date, most collective exhibition. The idea behind this show is to demonstrate how all the artist’s work can combine together to take on a space allowing lines and marks to travel from one canvass to the next. The aim is to allow for the canvasses to become more like walls and less like objects so that a fluid organic movement across the whole gallery space can be achieved. We have 14 artists working on these canvasses: Ben Sanderson, Victoria Wright, Louise Lane, Ingun Dybendal, Jorund Hannevold, LouisLlou.I, David Procter, Vera Edwards, Jez Beswick, D-baby, Nichole Cooper, Insane, Rebecca Crawford and Thor Aaberg. This is an exciting collection of very fresh work that has never been displayed as of yet, showcasing some of the most upcoming under counter, sub culture artists in Cornwall. This show is something not to miss out on.

Sunday, April 26, 2009